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03 June 2016 @ 12:54 pm
Well, it appears that the majority of communities on LJ are basically on their last breath. With LJ changing (not entirely for the better) and many of the formerly active members leaving to other platforms, it is only natural for the community to stagnant like this. The last active post here was in 2013! Dang guys! 3 years. The community was good while it lasted. 8 years of activity, with this being just after the 11th anniversary since the community was started.

All in all, I'm glad I started the community. It helped me in more ways than one. It got me into running sites and managing forums, chatrooms, etc. It helped me as person to be more politically correct in how I speak in public and it has helped with getting ideas for my students.

I don't plan to close the community; however, I do plan to allow open posts without having to be a member. There are still avatars that can be useful in the community. If the community becomes active again, then I will too.

Until then though, the community will remain in its current state.